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In the city center of Tapolca, on the central part of the Balaton-felvidék, there is a business property for sale. This is a 1706 sqm wine cellar, which can be used as a warehouse or a restaurant.

The 1706 sqm wine cellar of the historic Lessner-cellar winery is for sale with a history of almost 200 years. The property is located in the middle of the Badacsony-Szigliget-Tapolca-medence, in the center of Tapolca with outstanding tourist opportunities, a few minutes walking distance from the Malom-lake and from the Spring cave.
It is one of the largest wine cellars in the Badacsony region with a uniform area, it has been continously built and expanded under the city center since the 1800s. The maze of 8 branches is suitable for storing 17 000 hectoliters of wine.
This is a complex with a long-lasting climate and large spaces which can be used for wine storage after renovation and modernization.
Thanks to its downtown location and close proximity to Lake Balaton, it is excellent for hospitality, wine tastings and related gastronomic demonstrations, commercial activities or entertainment venues.
The winery in its time proved to be one of the sights and tourist attractions of Tapolca, whether domestic or foreign delegations arrived in the city, they must have shown them 2 things, one was the Spring Cave (Tavasbarlang), and the other was the Lessner-cellar.

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Realtor of the property:
TM ajánlat álló
Tamás Mónika
0620-935 9911


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